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Orthopedic Leather Insoles

Falcon Orthopedic Leather Insoles Models


Orthopedic insoles with Falcon brand quality and comfort with 100% genuine leather material. You can find product details below.

What is the important Orthopedic Insoles

The importance of to use orthopedic insoles.

The use of orthopedic insoles has become more important nowadays due to the long and exhausting business life. Long walks, excessive weight, and heavy lifting may result in deformation of the feet.

We must take various precautions before deformation occurs on our feet. The most important measure is the use of orthopedic shoes and orthopedic insoles.

Orthopedic Insoles Benefits

We can say the benefits of using orthopedic insoles that is hygienic, comfortable, uselfull  and less of a burden on the legs. Orthopedic insoles produced according to foot anatomy are recommended by doctors.

Falcon Orthopedic Insoles Features

  • Special insoles for comfort and convenience
  • Women Model Code: OBT
  • Men Model Code: OET
  • It does not sweat. It is antibacterial.
  • it is %100 genuine leather
  • It can be easily inserted into your shoe.
  • Women Number: 34-42 numara
  • Men Number: 39-48 numara
  • Made in Türkiye
  • Brand: Falcon

Falcon Orthopedic Footwear User Reviews

Falcon orthopedic insoles have positive comments on user comments and almost 100% satisfaction and advice.

  • I was very pleased with my feet because I worked for a long time who have foot pain.
  • Your foot feels comfortable with the first wear. Thank you and highly recommend.
  • %100 real leather orthopedic insoles give you real comfort and relaxing
How to Use Orthopedic Leather Insoles?

Orthopedic insole is very easy to use, put the insoles inside your shoe and wear it. If your shoe leather insoles come bigger than your shoes you can cut from the ends of insoles with scissors to adjust yo your shoes size.

The orthopedic insoles that you can put into orthopedic shoes are products that can be used instead of your old insoles.

You can use it for your sport shoes and wide shoes but could not use it babettes because babetes are narrow for insoles.

You can see orthopedic insoles varieties, models, fetures and price in this product page as well as our other orthopedic insoles models or you can visit our orthopedic shoes models for you in our orthopedic footwear category.


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