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Antistatic Theatre Room Clogs Features, Color and Model Options, ESD Antistatic Measurement

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You can watch the details of Falcon antistatic operating room clogs that we produce, technical specifications, color options, models and esd antistatic measurement in our video.

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Falcon Antistatic Operating Theatre Room Clogs Shoes

Falcon antistatic operating room clogs that we produce are our product group with 11 different colors and wide color options. You can easily access the color options you will need in your business. Among our ESD clogs colour options, only grey and black are currently available.

Our operating theatre room clogs, which are produced with high quality raw materials, are in high demand in Turkey and many countries in the world.

The Most Ambitious Operating Theatre Room Clogs with 11 Different Colours

Continuing its production with the most sold colors green, red, saxe blue, dark blue, black and light blue, Falcon brand antistatic operating theatre room clogs offer solutions to different requests with lilac, pink, white, orange and yellow color options.

Falcon Surgical Clogs Technical Data Sheet

  1. Copolymer made of a combination of rubber clogs in one piece is 100%.
  2.  Antistatic is available on the all surface of the products.
  3.  Steam autoclave resistant up to 134 degrees and can be washed at 90 degrees.
  4. Ether, ester, alkalis, mild acids, resistant to strong acids and oils.
  5. Ultra-violet and gamma rays, durable product.
  6. Standing for long periods when there have to work hard by accelerating blood circulation and the massaging effect is that the tiny bubbles
  7. Product has  up inside mounds in the antiperspirant prevents any direct contact.
  8. The upper edge of the base has ventilation holes, which reciprocal.
  9. Clogs top, spilled fluids (blood, secretions, such as liquids) through the holes to prevent leakage characteristics made up the cone.
  10. Internal base orthopedic properties.
  11.  Able to influence the character of the heel pad.
  12.  Clogs pads hard and sharp objects are designed to prevent the failure of his feet.
  13.  The Sole is designed to reduce the risk of slipping.
  14. Fixed posture can go left or right.
  15. You’re walking as soon as an outpatient.
  16. Slippers antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial produced from raw materials. Not contain bacteria.
  17. Odorless properties.
  18. Maximum flexibility value is 870%.
  19.  Product has the CE Mark.
  20. Anti-static mark on the product
  21. Products on the institution’s preferred name, etc. written in the form of relief.
  22.  The products has one year warranty against all kinds of error manufacturing defects and workmanship.
  23. Clogs are available in sizes 35-36,37-38,39-40,41-42,43-44,45-46.
  24. Color options green, light blue, saxe blue, red, yellow, black, white, orange, lilac, pink and navy blue are available.

Operating Room Slippers Gain Admiration With and Without Scarf Models

Falcon autoclavable clogs are produced for many different areas with 2 different models and 11 different color options. You can choose the model that suits your usage area with the model with and without the safety back and you can start comfortable and safe use.


What are the Usage Areas of Operating Theatre Room Clogs?

Our theatre room clogs offer the opportunity to be used safely in many different sectors. The usage areas of antistatic operating theatre room clogs are becoming more widespread day by day and the importance of using antistatic clogs is increasing. If you are working in one of the fields presented below, it would be beneficial for you to try our products.

Theatres                                                            Labs


Clean Rooms                                              Medical Companies


Cleaning Staff                                              Hotels



What are Operating Theatre Room Clogs? What is the Importance?

Operating room clogs are very important for users. Falcon antistatic operating room clogs are made of antistatic material on their whole surface. Thus, the static electricity created by our body during daily walking is prevented from reaching out uncontrollably.

After the uncontrolled spread of static electricity, it can cause serious damage to both the machine used and human health. You will be able to work safely with antistatic operating room clogs.

its tiny bubbles on the inside, it can reduce fatigue by accelerating blood circulation for those who work on their feet all day at an intense pace.

It can be washed at 90 degrees and can be sterilized in flash sterilization at 134 degrees, so it does not contain bacteria.

Thanks to the thickness of the heel, the damage of cutting tools to your feet is minimized.

Thanks to the conical side ventilation holes, the contamination of the feet against the liquids such as blood spilled on the upper part of the clogs is minimized.



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