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Diabetic Shoes & Slippers
Our 100% genuine leather and comfortable shoes and slippers with full protection for diabetic feet against injury and infection specially produced for diabetics.
Shoes & Slippers for Bunions
Special shoe and slipper models for hummer toe, hallux valgus and bunionetta. You can prevent the formation of bunion.
Shoes & Slippers for Heel Spurs
Comfortable and painless walking opportunity with special silicone-supported heel area for heel spur patients.
Hospital Nursing Clogs
We products special orthopedic leather sabo slippers for doctors, nurses and cooks.
Autoclavable Operating Theatre OT Clogs
Falcon antistatic operating theatre room clogs are with 11 different color options and real antistatic on the whole surface. Antistatic operating theatre room clogs, which we produce in 2 different models with and without safety strap, can be autoclaved at 134 degrees and washed at 90 degrees. In addition, we produce ESD clogs in accordance with ESD standards among electronic companies.
Hospital Nursing Shoes
Special orthopedic leather shoes for doctor, nurse, cook and pilgrimage.
Orthopedic Slippers & Sandals
To have safe and comfortable walks both inside and outside the house.
Slimming Shoes & Slippers
You can weaken naturally and get rid of your cellulite. With its 9-degree inverted angle, you can burn 5 times more calories than normal and steep your body position.
Orthopedic İnsoles
Orthopedic insoles for heel spur, flat sole and pes cavus patients.
Club Foot Shoes
You can examine the dennis brown pev boots and splints that are specially produced for children born with crooked foot disease, as well as the reverse boots and sandals models that should be used when the child starts walking.
Flat Foot & High Arch Shoes
Special orthopedic shoe models for flat sole and pes cavus patients.