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Antistatic Autoclavable OT Clogs With Strap

Antistatic Autoclavable Operating Theatre Clogs With Strap


We produces autoclavable operating theatre clogs with safety strap with 11 different colors in İstanbul, Türkiye factory. Our brand that is called Falcon has CE and ISO 13485 quality certificates. You can get special price quotation for wholesale and import. Also you can apply for distributorship or agent.

Antistatic OT Clogs With Strap Product Features

Our operating theatre clogs models are produced in 11 different colors and 2 different models by our Etkin Medical company in istanbul factory. Falcon branded operating room clogs are autoclavable at 134 degrees and washable at 90 degrees. Also there is antistatic on the entire surface of the clogs.

Falcon Operating Theatre Antistatic Clogs Properties

  • Special clogs for operating theater.
  • Non-slip base design.
  • CE and ISO quality certified.
  • Antistatic properties.
  • Antibacterial.
  • Number range is 35-46
  • Made in one piece.
  • Resistant to ultra violet and gamma rays.
  • Don’t sweat.
  • Active arch support to stimulate circulation.
  • Clogs has orthopedic properties
  • Equinox-shaped air vents.
  • It can be autoclaved at 134 degrees.
  • Washable at 90 degrees
  • Color: 11 different color options
  • Brand: Falcon

Autoclavable OT Clogs With Safety Strap Pictures

Autoclavable operating theater clogs with strap are produced in 11 different colors. For a closer look at product images, you can enlarge the pictures by clicking on one of the product images below.

Operating Theatre Clogs Autoclave Time and How many times are autoclaved ?

* 121 degrees 15 minutes and 134 degrees 3 minutes it can be autoclaved. it can be autoclaved 200 times at least If you obey autoclave times.

When autoclave times are considered, clogs can be used for many years and if you do not observe the stated time, OT Clogs can be deformation.

Falcon Antistatic Operating Theatre Clogs Technical Specifications

Falcon Operation Clogs Technical Data Sheet

  1. Copolymer made of a combination of rubber slippers in one piece is 100%.
  2.  Antistatic is available on the all surface of the products.
  3.  Steam autoclave resistant up to 134 degrees and can be washed at 90 degrees.
  4. Ether, ester, alkalis, mild acids, resistant to strong acids and oils.
  5. Ultra-violet and gamma rays, durable product.
  6. Standing for long periods when there have to work hard by accelerating blood circulation and the massaging effect is that the tiny bubbles
  7. Product has  up inside mounds in the antiperspirant prevents any direct contact.
  8. The upper edge of the base has ventilation holes, which reciprocal.
  9. Clogs top, spilled fluids (blood, secretions, such as liquids) through the holes to prevent leakage characteristics made up the cone.
  10. Internal base orthopedic properties.
  11.  Able to influence the character of the heel pad.
  12.  Clogs pads hard and sharp objects are designed to prevent the failure of his feet.
  13.  Non-skid on dry surfaces and in water, under the anti-skid slippers are custom design. Do not leave scars.
  14. Fixed posture can go left or right.
  15. You’re walking as soon as an outpatient.
  16. Slippers antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial produced from raw materials. Not contain bacteria.
  17. Odorless properties.
  18. Maximum flexibility value is 870%.
  19.  Product has the CE Mark.
  20. Anti-static mark on the product
  21. Products on the institution’s preferred name, etc. written in the form of relief.
  22.  The products has one year warranty against all kinds of error manufacturing defects and workmanship.
  23. Clogs are available in sizes 35-36,37-38,39-40,41-42,43-44,45-46.
  24. Color options green, light blue, saxe blue, red, yellow, black, white, orange, lilac, pink and navy blue are available.

How About Falcon Antistatic Clean Room Clogs With Strap Sizes and Weight?

For Falcon cleanroom clogs with strap we produce from number 35 to number 46, weight and length information are provided below. You can simply identify your foot number.

35-36 numara: 480 gram , 23 cm
37-38 numara: 530 gram , 24 cm
39-40 numara: 580 gram , 25,30 cm
41-42 numara: 660 gram , 26,80 cm
43-44 numara: 730 gram , 28 cm
45-46 numara: 820 gram , 29,50 cm

Where are Autoclavable Antistatic Operating Theatre Clogs Used?

Some of these areas are presented below.

  • in Operating Theatre
  • in Laboratories
  • In clean rooms
  • At drug companies
  • In electronic companies
  • At patisseries and caterings
  • Medical and healthcare companies
You can see our below picture for Falcon brand's antistatic rates.?

Falcon Antistatic Clogs Antistatic Rates

Improving your health and work performance is our focus, and has been for over ten years.

We use advanced ergonomics to design high performing shoes and clogs for professional people like you.

When your job requires you to walk or stand for many hours at a time in a hygienic environment, and you want to stay safe and super-comfortable, Falcon clogs are designed for you. Whether it’s medical shoes, catering shoes or something for the leisure industry, you’ll find the shoes for you. Trusted by countless nurses, doctors and catering professionals worldwide, Falcon OT Clogs provide comfort and protection in equal measure.

You can find detailed information about operating theatre clogs with strap, prices, features and benefits in this page. Also We recommend you to take a look at our  autoclavable OT clogs models pages.


  1. Natalia says:

    This autoclavable ot clogs are very good quality. We are working a lot of years with this Falcon clogs. it can be autoclaved at 134 degree at least 200 cycle it is best cycling.

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      Dear Natalia,

      Thanks for your nice comment about our special and high quality OT autoclavable clogs.

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    Best quality and best export price autoclavable theatre clogs.

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    Good quality autoclavable clogs for theatre room. Very compatitive export price. Falcon autoclavable clogs best ı think.


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