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Men Slipper for Heel Spurs Model EPT-12

Men Slipper for Heel Spur EPT-12


Men slipper for heel spurs models are designed for plantar fasciitis patients and this models are full orthopedic. If you have a heel pain in your foot you may use them for helathy walking.

Plantar fasciitis (Heel spur) is the most common cause of pain on the bottom of the heel. Approximately 2 million patients are treated for this condition every year.

Plantar fasciitis occurs when the strong band of tissue that supports the arch of your foot becomes irritated and inflamed.

In most cases, plantar fasciitis develops without a specific, identifiable reason. There are, however, many factors that can make you more prone to the condition:

  • Obesity
  • High arch
  • Heavy sport activity (running/sports)
  • New or increased activit
  • Genetic

Men Slipper Model for Heel Spur

Our men’s slipper for plantar patient. Slipper models are produced by %100 genuine leather material and with special silicone area. If you have a heel pain you may use them for a good walk.

Plantar fasciitis (inflammation to the plantar fascia ligament) is most commonly caused by strain injury causing micro tears to the ligament as it attaches to the heel bone or other areas of tightness on the sole of the foot.

The main symptoms of Heel spurs include

  • heel pain,
  • foot pain,
  • stiffness,
  • tenderness.

Plantar Fasciitis Facts

  • A heel spur is a pointed bony outgrowth of the bone of the heel (the calcaneus bone).
  • Heel spurs under the sole of the foot (plantar area) are associated with plantar fasciitis.
  • Heel spurs can occur alone or be related to underlying diseases.
  • Heel spurs are treated by measures that decrease the associated inflammation and avoid reinjury.

Men Slipper Model for Heel Spurs Features

You can find special slipper features below for heel spur patients

  • it is produced for heel spurs patients.
  • it is produced by coated genuine leather.
  • Orthopedic insole
  • Reduce heel pain degree.
  • Colours: Black, beige and white
  • Model Code: EPT-12
  • Soft leather material.
  • 2 adjustable velcro models and 1 back velcro.
  • Special soft silicone in the heel area.
  • Brand: Mr.Falcon
  • Slippers are suitable to the male foot anatomy.
  • Antibacterial and hygnic
  • Numbers: 40-41-42-43-44-45
  • Made in Türkiye
  • Anti-slip outsole design
  • Slipper for heel bone spurs

EPT-12 Model Heel Spur Slipper Product Images.

Mr. Falcon men EPT 12 model heel spur slipper products are soft genuine leather products which are produced in 2 different colors. You can look at our color options by clicking on the images below.

Men Slipper for Plantar Fasciitis Benefits and Who Can Use it?

Heel Pain Slipper Benefits;

  • Slipper for heel pain that reduce your heel pain degree
  • Support the anatomy of the foot and prevent posture disturbance with orthopedic support points.
  • You will have a good quality and healthy walk.
  • Success rate 95%

Who can use it?

  • Heel spur suffering patients.
  • Anyone who needs orthopedic slipper can use it.
  • If you have a heel pain you can use it
About Using Plantar Fasciitis Slipper

You can use our heel spur slipper for heel pain product for a long time in a healthy way if you use it according to the usage conditions mentioned below.

  • Slipper for heel pain can be polished in their leather color or natural polish.
  • You keep away from the water, especially the sea salt water, because it is the genuine leather production.
  • You certainly do not wash in the machine.

User Comments about Heel Spur Slipper

  • I was very pleased with this slipper I ordered with the advice of my doctor. Good quality slipper models for heel bone spurs
  • Slipper is very comfortable. I recommend it for heel pain problems.
  • I have a Plantar fasciitis and ı am very comfortable to use the slipper.

How to Buy Best Men Slippers for Heel Pain ?

For detailed information about the model, price and order, please visit best slippers for heel pain category.

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You can find detailed information about slipper for heel spurs EPT-12 models what is prices, features and benefits in this page. Also We recommend you to take a look at our men sandals for heel spurs


  1. Tahir says:

    I think shoes which are heightened from center that is more fit for heel spurs pain,

    1. admin says:

      Dear Tahir,

      Yes, This slippers for heel spurs pain.

      You can visit for buying it on http://www.medicalfootwea.net


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