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ESD Antistatic Clogs



Our ESD antistatic clogs model is composed of 2 different varieties with gray colour normal model and with strap model. You can see the graph showing the antistatic ratio of our Falcon ESD Clogs products that are suitable for production in the international ESD standard range.

ESD Antistatic Clogs Description

ESD Clogs preferred by electronics, hospitals and technology companies with antistatic ratio according to international standards. Nowadays, the importance of using ESD antistatic clogs has begun to be understood and usage has become important in order to gradually protect valuable machines, human health security and production costs. Thus, ESD clogs are an important factor in avoiding the potential electronic devices damaged.

ESD clogs are perfect for use in many different industries including electrostatic protected areas.

ESD Antistatic Clogs Specifications

  • ESD value antistatic
  • Colour: Gray and black
  • 2 model with strap & without strap.
  • Washable at 90 degree
  • it can be autoclaved at 134 degree
  • Number: from 35 to 46
  • CE & ISO 13485 quality certificates
  • Orthopedic
  • Resistant to ultra violet and gamma rays.
  • Brand: Falcon
  • Don’t sweat
  • Anti-slip base design
  • 8 holes for air circulation
  • Made in Türkiye

ESD Antistatic Clogs Product Gallery


ESD slippers importance

The importance of using ESD clogs is better understood nowadays and big companies are making serious investments in this issue. Some of the benefits of antistatic clogs are listed below.

  • Protect human health.
  • The loss of time that may occur is avoided.
  • Prevent corruption of valuable machines
  • Production loss is prevented.

You can see ESD antistatic clogs model, features, useage area and colours. Also We recommend you to visit our autoclavable clogs model’s page as well as this page.


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